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Thin Format Sintered Stone
Fabrication & Installation

When searching for the perfect surface product, most projects require high-performance without sacrificing the desired aesthetic. Thin format sintered stone or high-performance porcelain surfaces deliver both. This innovative material is the latest in minimalistic surface design, a great addition to any surface, vertical or horizontal.

Thin Format Sintered Stone: Minimalistic With Heightened Performance

Thin format sintered stone is inspired by the beautiful minimalistic surfaces often found throughout Europe. To create it, manufacturers must take raw materials such as minerals and refined sands and heat them over incredible temperatures, forming a smooth porcelain surface.

As a result of its design, thin format sintered stone is minimalistic with heightened performance. This product is extremely heat resistant. In fact, it can take a blowtorch without fail. It’s also scratch and impact-resistant, preventing costly damage. With added UV stability to ensure zero fade, high-performance porcelain is a great material for projects such as outdoor kitchen spaces.

Innovative Surfaces is one of the finest stone fabricators in the industry, proven by MIA accreditation. This means we’ve completed the rigorous testing process to prove our craftsmanship abilities, knowledge of stonework and dedication to quality, customer service and satisfaction.

Corian® Endura is a new member of the Corian® Design Group, offering a high-performance porcelain with extreme durability. Safe to use outdoors and in, Endura offers a forward-looking product with a thin horizontal profile. It’s also perfect for vertical panel applications.

Translated to “new stone,” Neolith® is created through a process that mimics the natural creation of stone. Without any resins, the product can be used outdoors in all climates. Inside, its applications include countertops, backsplashes, shower panels, fireplace surrounds and more. With thin clean lines, Neolith® is a great choice for a modern look.

Dekton® is a member of the Cosentino® group of products. Forged through high heat in a high-pressure environment, this product is UV stable, making it safe for outdoor use. Popular for its thin format, industrial look and stone mimicry, Dekton® is perfect for both residential and commercial applications.

Less Maintenance Without Sacrificing Design

Many surfaces such as natural stone require periodic sealing and additional maintenance. Other surfaces such as quartz are susceptible to heat and impact chipping. Due to its durability, thin format sintered stone requires less maintenance and concern for wear and tear.

Many Design Options to Choose From

Even with its heightened durability, you don’t have to sacrifice design. High-performance porcelain is available in a wide range of color options ranging from pure white to charcoal marble. Plus, this product can be used on horizontal surfaces such as countertops as well as vertical surfaces such as fireplaces and walls.

Due to demand, thin format sintered stone is a rapidly evolving brand category. New design options become available frequently. You can trust the experts at Innovative Surfaces to stay up-to-date on new advancements, ensuring you receive the highest quality products for your project.

Learn More About High-Performance Porcelain by Calling Us Today

Thin format sintered stone is a perfect material for a wide range of surface projects. From surface fabrication to complete installation, we can help. To learn more about high-performance porcelain or to start your project today, give our expert fabrication team a call at 651-437-1004.