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Strong & Durable Quartz Surface Fabrication & Installation

Whether it’s a countertop, bathroom vanity or shower wall, many enjoy the look and feel of natural stone. Yet, some prefer to find a material that’s easier to care for, without sacrificing stone’s overall aesthetic. Quartz surface was created as a beautiful alternative to natural stone and is one of the high-quality materials offered here at Innovative Surfaces.

The Look & Feel of Stone With Enhanced Performance

Quartz surface is a man-made material, composed of 93% natural mine quartz with a resin binder. The material was born from a passion for stone and a need for more predictable performance. Quartz is scratch and abrasive resistant, without the need for sealant. Plus, it’s extremely hard and durable, perfect for well-used spaces such as kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities.

Color & Aesthetic Consistency

Each quartz slab is consistent in color and aesthetic, making it easy to select materials from a sample instead of viewing the entire slab. This provides more predictability when color matching for a space or project. Quartz comes in many colors from neutrals such as whites and blacks to other colors such as blues or striking golds.

You can see all of our available color and aesthetic options inside of the Innovative Surfaces selection center.

Innovative Surfaces is one of the finest stone fabricators in the industry, proven by MIA accreditation. This means we’ve completed the rigorous testing process to prove our craftsmanship abilities, knowledge of stonework and dedication to quality, customer service and satisfaction.

A Minnesota-made, family-owned quartz surface manufacturer, Cambria® leads the industry with unrivaled designs, visual appeal, superior customer service and a lifetime warranty.

Corian® Quartz, manufactured by DuPont®, is a high-quality quartz surface with a refined palette. Corian® offers a wide range of colors to fit any design aesthetic, from leathered creams to high-gloss grays.

The pioneer of quartz surfacing, Caesarstone® was founded in Israel in 1987. Caesarstone® offers a subdued and appealing color palette with a variety of available surface finishes.

Manufactured in Spain by Cosentino®, Silestone® offers quartz in a wide range of colors from subtle solids to bold aesthetics. Their proprietary N-Boost additive results in easy care and maintenance.

Quartz Surface: A Great Choice for Vertical & Horizontal Projects

Although quartz doesn’t possess the same design flexibility as solid surface, it’s a great choice for both vertical and horizontal projects. Our team is able to achieve some unique looks for quartz by mitering, compound mitering and more. Please feel free to reach out to us to talk about your design idea.

Start Your Quartz Surface Project With Innovative Surfaces Today

Want the look and feel of natural stone with a better level of performance and easier care? Quartz surface might be a great choice for your project. Not sure if quartz is the right material for your project? We can help.

To get started, give us a call today at 651-437-1004.